The following fees apply as of 1st July 2019:

EFT Consultation*

EFT consultation (2 hours)

€ 135⋅00 VAT included


Sound Healing session*

Two hour session
€ 185⋅00 VAT included

EFT Training Courses

EFT Intrduction Training (1 day, 7 hours)
€ 180⋅00 VAT included
lunch included.

EFT Advanced Training (2 days, 7 hours each)

€ 360⋅00 VAT included
lunch included.

EFT Masterclass (1 days, 7 hours )

€ 350⋅00 VAT included
lunch included.



BATCAs a paramedic naturopathic therapist, I am a member of the BATC association under registration number BR-1713.
The complaints and disciplinary number is KB.1103.1235.
The AGB codes are 90044388 en 9053096. KVK number is 55254763

There is a possibility of receiving treatment reimbursement from your Healthcare Insurance Company.
Reimbursement amounts may vary per Healthcare Insurance Company and depend on the conditions stated in the policy. You can enquire about reimbursement with your Healthcare Insurance Company.

* When an appointment is canceled within 48 hours of the agreed date, the consults full amount will be charged.