What clients say about Elles


Cliënts about the EFT-treatment with Elles

Alexandra, August 2013

"It was from a friend that I first heard about Elles and EFT. His story triggered me. At this time I was struggling with big issues in life, which I couldn’t deal with on my own – they caused me physical stress that I wanted to get rid of. So I made an appointment and I found myself sitting opposite Elles, an extraordinary woman with a radiance that moved me; she had this astute yet warm manner of analyzing. Her personal style combined with EFT worked very well. Each session was a special experience in itself. And even though the issues were very confronting, I went home feeling happy and calm. Half a year later we had our last session. Since then, I feel light, relaxed and joyful. I experience a sensation of being cleansed and feel I have mastered a wonderful technique that I can apply on my own when necessary."


Ron, june 2013

"About a year ago I was confronted with some annoying events, in a short time span. My relation had ended; I lost my job as a psychologist; and to make things worse, I lost my only means of letting of steam, playing sports, due to a torn ligament in my knee.

In short, it was a very stressful time in which twitches I have had since childhood became worse. 

Because I am very down to earth, I thought it unnecessary to do anything about this and told myself it would all blow over. 

At a meeting of a professional organization that I am a member of, I found myself at a lecture by Elles who told about herself, her work and what EFT meant to her. Her manner of presentation and the information she gave appealed to me, and a couple of weeks later I contacted her to make an appointment.

And what an extraordinary appointment, i.e. conversation it was, in which we covered topics, such as: tapping...on your own body, meridians, and Universal coherence. 

I took for granted my body’s reaction, as I did the fact that I felt better in the days that followed. So I made another appointment. Each time I uncovered another layer of my issues, I obtained new insights, and most of all I found peace of mind again. My body found peace. The twitches disappeared and I regained my positive outlook. All of this gave me back my old life. No, not the old one, the new one, the 2.0 version, with new insights and a sense of tranquillity like never before.

Without Elles’s positive and enthusiastic attitude, this would not have happened. Her way of conversing is the ideal mix of straightforwardness, compassion and expressing what she senses without, for one moment, passing judgement. All in all, EFT and Elles gave my life a good shaking and put me back on track!


Jelle de Groot, August 2012

“In the magazine Ode I read an article on EFT. What struck me was that you can apply EFT by yourself and it will free you of old pain. So, I quickly made a list of 2 old and 3 current pains that really get in the way. I phoned Elles Runia and we had a connection. I had five EFT sessions with Elles and applied EFT at home in 6 months time. EFT was my rescue. Lots of old pain has been relived and cleared up. This also goes for current pain. It led to a better relationship with my wife, to a finer insight into my work and it led to a very special conversation with my sister. We hadn’t had such a conversation in 35 years. Having created space in myself for this, created space for my sister and me. All in all it’s been one big cleansing. I hadn’t expected such an effect from EFT.

And Elles’s guidance is something really special. I can recommend it to anyone. She is empathetic throughout the sessions and gives full support in order to let the emotions surface. These are hidden in your body and courage is needed to let them come out into the open. Elles is like a midwife. She is unconditional love, something people rarely are, in my experience. I shall cherish these sessions with her for a long time to come.

Finally, I would like to say that her question ‘Do you love yourself?’ is the core question for me in my life and in my work. Thank you Elles, I will keep practicing EFT at home.”


Annemieke, Hoogeveen July 2012:

“I was advised by a friend to sign up for Elles’s EFT training because I was looking for an EFT training with a more spiritual approach. When I saw her website I knew I was in the right place. The training felt like coming home to me, connecting to kindred spirits.  Elles is an extraordinary person. She is highly motivated and very enthusiastic. She teaches you all the ins and outs to EFT.

Just before I registered for the training, I was down in the dumps. I had just ended my relationship after ten years and was feeling very tired. Elles's training helped me to slowly pick myself up again. I was handed a technique that enabled me to tackle my pain and my grief. I had to put in some effort though. I needed discipline and perseverance, and yet, through Elles’s drive I developed both rapidly. The EFT consultations were very special and very instructive. As I discovered that the technique was working I became more and more motivated to apply EFT to everything. Also, Elles welcomed any questions I had and issues I encountered. Elles is truly a fine EFT coach who motivated me extremely!”


Siska, Exloo, July 2012:

"Elles Runia is an enthusiastic and inspired trainer. She is a warm, compassionate and encouraging person who is deeply respectful towards others. She gives confidence and she invigorates through what she tells about her own EFT experience. Because we worked in small groups, she gave everyone ample attention and at the same time she was in control, kept a check on the time and guided everyone in their own process. I enjoyed going to the training every day. It was like giving myself a present.

'EFT brought beauty into my life. It gave me extra tools to use when I wasn’t feeling well or when I was feeling insecure. I have become calmer. Also, I find myself exerting myself more strongly as a therapist.

Thank you Elles!”


Meindert, Zuidbroek, June 2011:

“Elles is a very good trainer who explains things in an enthusiastic and clear manner. She is a very pleasant to be with and in everything it is clear that she has a great deal of experience in life and tremendous energy. She is open-minded, she gives confidence and provides a safe training atmosphere. Her training style is: to the point, easily accessible, clear, and she has a fine sense of humour. If a good friend were to ask me whether they should follow her training course, I would answer: Yes, you certainly should!”



Students about the EFT- training with Elles 


Henk, July 2012

I am deeply impressed by Elles's passion for helping people. I read a lot about EFT and watched many videos. But Elles’s training put everything into perspective for me. She explained how to work with EFT, what to focus on and what you can expect to experience during a session.

That’s why I’m so glad I took the training with Elles. I couldn’t have wished for a better trainer.”


Tineke, Alteveer July 2012:

“I took the EFT level 1, 2 and 3 courses with Elles and I enjoyed it. I find Elles to be a delightfully positive person of integrity, who teaches the EFT training with great passion.

Thank you Elles, for the beautiful EFT training. My heartfelt thanks, Tineke”


Audrey, Groningen, March 2012:

“I thoroughly enjoyed taking the EFT level 1, 2 and 3 courses with Elles. Although many trainers give EFT workshops, I am so glad I followed my intuition in choosing the Levenskracht bureau. The small training groups enhance conveyance. Even though I had done a fair amount of reading beforehand, I still had lots of questions and Elles’s answers broadened my scope. I found that she speaks from experience and that enabled her to explain so well how to apply EFT to clients. This in specific meant a great deal to me. EFT made a big impression on me and did a lot for me. It’s such a simple method with such great results! I don’t think I’ll ever stop using it.

Elles, thank you for everything!”


Marianne, Hoogeveen July 2011:

'Elles’s enthusiastic manner of explaining about EFT and sharing her experience taught me so much. Also, her positive coaching style between lessons really appealed to me. I now find myself at the start of my career in EFT therapy and, although I still have much to learn in this field, Bureau Levenskracht enabled me to lay a strong basis. Thank you Elles!”


Rob, Reuver, May 2011:

“After acquainting myself with EFT on the Internet and experiencing its remarkable results, I decided to enrol with one of Elles’s training courses. I drove to the course with great fear and felt terrible. I was short-breathed, in a lot of pain, lacking energy and feeling extremely down. In just one of Elles’s training sessions I was already impressed. Because of her explanations, enthusiasm, drive and fantastic energy everything fell into place and became so very clear to me.

Now I have followed and am applying all the EFT methods, I can say that I haven’t felt so good in years. I’m living life to the full, without fear, pain or depression. I am now taking steps I had never even dreamed of. The most important thing is that I understand so much more. Elles taught me how to apply EFT with so much passion and energy that it caused and is still causing miracles. Nothing but good is coming my way and every day I enjoy life.”


Cliënts about the Sound Healing session with Elles

Wim Beunderman, Groningen 30 juni 2013

"Elles, every time I close my eyes for one of your sound healing sessions, I’m taken on a journey within. A journey to my true Self.

And even though I am unable to perceive how the journey will be, the destination is always clearly apparent to me. Because beforehand, you and I make clear my intentions and align my energy field with the Universal energy field. Then, all I need is to relax and let you guide me with your voice, sounds and mantras.

These spirit-awakening, ancient sounds move me to my very core. My heart, my body – my being – is filled with the energy of Creational Power. I am then overcome by images, feelings, memories, emotions, thoughts, vibrations and even tears.  

I feel very tranquil and I am very much awake. It is more a meditative state I am experiencing, in which I sense your every sound and the energy you are channelling, flowing from your hands. 

And at the end of every journey,I feel connected to who I truly am and I feel the strenght and the confidence to manifest my intensions. 

As I look into those ancient eyes, set in your youthful face and sense a universal bond. I feel  the unconditional love, generosity and wisdom of your radiant being and I realize you are the one welcoming me home." 

Dear Elles, my heartfelt thanks go out to you for your guidance in empowering myself.

In Love & Light, Wim Beunderman