About Elles

Elles Runia

When you look into your heart, what do you want most of all? You probably want to go through life full of zest, strength and joy. But what would you do, if you were suddenly faced with enormous challenges?

Yes, what would you do? I asked myself the same question many years ago. For years I was struggling with a chronic disorder and fatigue, when my boyfriend died. A few months later I lost my job due to the recession. I felt powerless, was filled with anxiety, depended on others and became depressed. Despite all the setbacks, I sought to heal myself.

I became acquainted with complementary and holistic therapies, and meditation, and eventually discovered EFT – Emotional Freedom Techniques. The transformation that came from this was enormous. Thanks to EFT I discovered the true cause of my illness and literally tapped away fear, grief, lack of power and fatigue. My body’s self-healing power was restored, and I regained my strength, energy and zest for life.

That was just the beginning. I evolved more profoundly at a professional, personal and spiritual level. This enabled me to help others in empowering themselves. Now I guide people in healing themselves, in transforming pain, grief, anxiety and restrictive beliefs into positive energy, and creating a happy, healthy and relaxed life.

I have always been extremely curious, even as a little girl. “What is the meaning of our existence?” I would often ask my father. Now I know the answer. We are all here to make the conscious connection with the love and power deep within ourselves. In this we feel empowered to create our own lives filled with happiness, joy, and to find true fulfilment.

In Love & Light, Elles Runia