About EFT

Empower yourself through EFT

EFT – Emotional Freedom Techniques – combines the latest in scientific insights into psychology, neurology and acupuncture. It is an easy and very effective method for releasing stress. EFT also relieves physical pain and eliminates negative feelings, trauma, fear and phobias. This method will get you excellent results, quickly and permanently. EFT will help you to empower yourself and to create a relaxed, joyful life.

Free yourself by tapping

Everything is energy. Our bodies are made up of energy flowing along meridians. These meridians can become disrupted by stress and drastic events, causing physical and emotional problems. By tapping on specific points on your body, you open up the meridians and free yourself of unwanted stress, pain or emotions.

Your path to Self Empowerment

Do you want to create relaxation and joy in your life all by yourself? I can teach you to apply the EFT techniques in your own way, in order to free yourself of complaints. Contact me and discover EFT: your path to Self Empowerment.

Uses for EFT


Stress, exhaustion and burnouts

In modern day society stress is so matter-of-fact that we accept it as a normal part of life. However stress has its consequences. It can make you feel tired, irritated and it can take away your lust for life. Your moods, behaviour and energy level are influenced by it and you can suffer from physical or emotional health complaints. If your body is no longer capable of recuperating from physical or mental fatigue, you are most likely suffering from a burnout. During an EFT treatment I can help you to experience how you can let go of stress and exhaustion in a simple manner. I can teach you how to apply the EFT techniques in your own way, so you will be able to relax and enjoy your life.

Illness and bereavement therapy

Losing a loved one, enduring a lengthy illness, getting divorced or losing a job; these are examples of extremely stressful events in a person’s life. They can cause you to feel sadness, solitude, anger, guilt or a lack of self-esteem. You may feel extremely tired and find yourself confronted with all kinds of physical and emotional symptoms. In an EFT therapy course you can experience how EFT can help you in dealing with painful events. I can teach you to adapt the techniques to your own needs in order to be free of complaints, to regain energy, and to relax once more.

Depression and traumas

At times we may be confronted with very stressful events in our lives, as a child or as an adult. The more sensitive we are, the bigger the impact and the more difficult it is to deal with stress. So, when we do not tackle stressful events properly, our lives can be disrupted, ensuing in a variety of health issues. Our complaints may vary from being irritable, sleep disorders, feeling tense and exhaustion to feelings of anxiety, solitude or depression. In addition physical complaints can arise. In my treatment you can learn how to apply EFT to deal with and free yourself of stressful events. Consequently you will learn how to relax, feel energetic and feel empowered in your life again.

Physical complaints, chronic disorders, illness and pain

EFT can easily get rid of physical complaints. By applying the method to the sensation, location and intensity of the pain, many physical complaints will disappear. Chronic physical complaints are often caused by emotions. Emotions that have not been dealt with may cause mild or even serious physical complaints. . Many people are unaware of this. Emotions they find difficult to deal with sometimes disappear literally from their memories. The heavier these emotions become, the deeper they are put away. However, your body will indicate these emotions. Therefore, long term pain and chronic disorders can be a sign of an emotional problem deep inside. EFT is an easy method for making subconscious emotions surface. It also helps you to learn to deal with and free yourself of these emotions. As a result your physical complaints will disappear.

Fears and phobias

There are many different types of fear. These range from the fear of driving and flying, or the fear of certain animals, to performance anxiety, exam anxiety, failure anxiety, social anxiety, or the fear of becoming ill. Fear always comes with physical complaints, such as: blushing, palpitation, sweat attacks, dizziness, tingling, hyperventilation, nausea or fainting. In addition these types of fear can also lead to a sense of solitude or depression. EFT can help you discover, deal with and let go of fears and phobias. I can teach you to apply EFT techniques in your own way in order to free yourself of fears and phobias.


You know when you are suffering from an addiction when you are obsessed with a problem. For example: Shall I eat, or shall I not eat? When can I have another smoke? Should I smoke or not? Et cetera et cetera. By focussing on eating, smoking or something else, you do not have to come to terms with the real issues, with the reality that you are faced with. In most cases, addictions such as: eating, smoking, drinking, gambling, computer, TV, and sex, are an external manifestation of the problem deep within. Lack of self-confidence or self-esteem, feelings of guilt, shame, loneliness, solitude and depression can both cause and fuel addictions. Through this you will experience an unbearable void and the accompanying urge to fill, distract, smoke away, eat away or drink away this void. A course of EFT treatment will give you the opportunity to deal with the underlying thoughts and feelings. I can teach you to adapt the techniques to your own personal style, giving you the power to conquer your addiction and stand firmly in life once more.

Other uses

Whether you are suffering from something like blushing, or from presentation anxiety, a concentration disorder, panic attacks or an addiction, EFT will help you tackle physical or emotional health complaints, because EFT can be applied in a very wide range of situations. Would you like to learn to use the EFT method so you can free yourself of any complaints? Feel free to contact me and I will gladly tell you more about EFT.