Sound Healing

Discover the harmonizing and healing power of sound. During a Sound Healing your body will be ‘touched’ by the vibration of sounds and because of this you will let go of stress or tension. The vibration will lift your energy and consciousness to a higher level and have a positive effect on your whole body.

The power of sound

Certain sounds are bound to move you. Maybe it’s a particular voice, your favourite music, the birds singing or the sound of the sea. Sound carries the frequency of transformation and creation. Every sound resonates with your physical body with a certain vibration and affects you in a certain way. This is why you feel calmer, more relaxed or more energetic when you hear certain sounds.

Find out what is limiting you

In a Sound Healing session we will discover what is limiting you, what you would like to let go of and what you would like to create instead. In the Sound Healing sessions, you simply lie down fully clothed on a massage table while receiving a warm flow of sounds and universal healing mantras. The sounds come from my voice.

Consciously create your own life

The healing power of sound will cause the energy in your body to flow, will relax you and make you receptive to what you wish to create. In addition these sounds will empower your positive intentions. You will be able to consciously create your own relaxed, healthy, happy and joyous life.

Enrole for a Sound Healing session and experience the power of sound. 

More information

A Sound Healing session lasts two hours and will cost you € 175,-